How do I find time to eat right?

With how busy our lives can be, it can be hard to find time to eat right. With the prevalence of fast food stores, microwave meals, and pizza/sub delivery services, it seems just easier to pay someone to do the work, and then you can pick it up or have it delivered straight to you. The problem is, that nearly all of the kinds of food that is offered by these services are not good for you. Most restaurants are only concerned with getting as many customers served as quickly as possible, and very little emphasis is placed on nutrition. Now, I know that most places will list the calorie content next to items, and there are a rare few that will actually post the nutrition content either on a placard, on napkins, or on a tri-folded flyer on the table. But in reality how many times do people really look at these things?

Making time to eat right, either at home or on the go, does not have to be very time consuming or difficult. It does not matter if you know how to cook or not, the only thing that matters is that you can follow recipe instructions. The key thing to remember is proper planning.
If you are constantly on the go for your job/daily life, then bringing something to eat that needs to be microwaved would not be a good idea. Instead, having an insulated lunch bag that has a healthy sandwich, some cut up fruit, and some kind of protein snack would be more appropriate.
If you work in an office, does your break room have a microwave? If so, then you can plan an entire week worth of lunches and portion them into microwave safe containers. Just keep them in the fridge till you bring it to work and put in the fridge there to keep cool.
When you get home after work, are you usually to tired to make something and having access to a delivery service sound too tempting to pass up? If so, then you can plan your dinners at home. Simply make either several portions of the same meal and portion it over the next few days, or make extra large meals of 2 or 3 recipes and portion the meals out over a few days.

On your days off, take some time to think about what you would like to have during the work week, and plan your meals appropriately. This way you can be sure to eat healthy, and save some money as well, as it is usually much cheaper to eat a meal that you made, rather than a meal that was made for you.

Please Note:
By no means am I saying to stop eating out. At times it is ok to treat yourself, and there may be times when you really do not have a choice but to eat out. There have been times when I have had my lunches “appreciated without my knowledge or consent” by co-workers, and in those situations it is either eat out, or skip lunch. Also, on occasion it is good to be able to go to a nice restaurant either by yourself or with someone, to relax and have a good time.

Simply put, be conscious of what you eat, and where you get your food from. Doing so will help you in your journey to achieve your health and wellness goals.