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I will be posting things here such as; Exercise and Nutrition Tips, Updates on my personal weight-loss journey, lifestyle updates, and meal prep ideas with recipes.

Meal Prep

May 4 2016

Getting meals ready for the rest of the week!  Today's meal Prep is Slow Cooker Orange Chicken

This is a delicious and healthy meal that is low sugar (personally I like to make it sugar-free by using sugar-free preserves) and packed with protein.

Steam some broccoli and some rice, and you have a meal that will be sure to be a hit with your family!

Click Here to get the recipe and pictures

Exercise at home

May 3 2016

Today is the start of my new Blog page for The 80/20 Lifestyle!

Today's Blog post will refer to Exercise. While Exercise should only be %20 of your Focus when living Your 80/20 Lifestyle, it is very important to not ignore or disregard exercise. Exercise helps the body in many ways; it helps burn more calories in a day then you would if you are sedentary, it helps tone your body, helps in muscle formation, as well as many other benefits. The main problem that most people have with exercise, beyond consistency at least, is not knowing how to exercise properly. Performing exercises improperly or incorrectly can lead to injury, or worse.

Check  out this video featuring Samantha Clayton as she demonstrates a short 10 minute workout that can be done at home: